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About Me.

Inspirare comes from Latin and has been linked to the idea of breath, of infusing through breath. This is highly connected with what I have learned over my time studying Shamanism. I have experienced how taking a breath can change the mood of a moment and how breathing out what you want to release can help you be rid of the old baggage that no longer serves you.

Throughout my years working in the world of Shamanism I have (and continue to) above all worked on myself, to clear my own wounds, let go of my baggage, and with each release eliminate my filters that prevent me from seeing the world as is. The better I become at this, the better I can serve my clients in, truly listening,  tracking for their issues beyond the surface level and becoming an empty vessel to promote their energetic healing.

As a Shaman I am in service not of only my clients, but also of mother nature and the whole world, as I believe in the ripple effect of healing. It trickles down to every interaction this person will have with the world and those around them.

My Education (so far...)


Online Energy Medicine


Advanced Shamanic Skills


Reading the Signs of Destiny


Time Masters


The Rites of Munay-Ki


Healing the Dark Side


Courageous Dreaming


Seven Heavens - The Shaman's Toolbox


The Shaman's Way of Healing


Shamanic Journeying


Power Animals


The Wheels of LIght


The Shaman's Compass


Deathless Elixir of Immportality


Conscious evolution


13 Moons of Wisom


The Wisdom Codes


The Universe Within


Grow a New Body

The Four Winds certified master training in energy medicine and healing.

Learned advanced techniques from Alberto Villoldo, enhancing my shamanic skills.

Learned master divination tools for clearing your past and aligning your life with destiny.

Went through a deep dive in the shaman’s concept of time to learn how to break free from it.

Received ancient shamanic initiations for inner awakening with Marcela Lobos.

Explored shamanic shadow work with Alberto Villoldo to harness our inner darkness as a source of power and light.

Completed a course to learn to dream our reality into being – the beginners course to manifestation.

Completed a course to learn about the shaman’s tools, both physical and spiritual.       

Completed a course to discover the basics of shamanic energy medicine and healing.

Learned to travel through space and time as we discover the meditation practice of the shamans.

Connected to my power animal archetypes and learned to understand what they mean.

Learned to work with our chakras in order to achieve physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Learned to use the Shaman’s Oracle as a divination tool. Taught by Alberto Villoldo and Colete Barron-Reed.

Completed a course to explore the realms beyond death & the journey to infinity.

Completed a course with Bruce Lipton in learning how to align our thoughts to what we desire and make them a reality.

Completed a course to embark on a journey towards wholeness and awakening of our true purpose.

Learned how our ancestors created specific word-patterns and encoded them in prayers, chants, mantras, hymns, etc.

Completed with Matias de Stefano an initiation journey to our inner cosmos, a voyage to connect with universal wisdom.

Discovered powerful plant nutrients and spiritual techniques that can transform your health with Alberto Villoldo.

Find a time for yourself and discover how this work may serve you.

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