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Find Your Quest. Discover Energy Healing.

Sessions from the comfort of your home.

What can Energy Healing help with?

It can help you get on a path that is aligned with your dreams

Cycles, repeating patters
Repeating Patterns

End repeating events, patterns, and choices that every few years or months show up in your life. Learn their lesson so you can move on.


Find that connection with yourself and the world around you. It has always been there, it's a matter of tuning into it.

Trauma, messy, confusion

Heal traumas and traumatic events that you are carrying with you.


Befriend your fears, so they are not in your way. Set yourself free from that which does not help you. 


Re-discover the balance within, where your insides aren't fighting, but coexisting in peace.


Return to your natural state. A body in stress is contracted and keeps you in a fight or flight state.

Discover Some of our Practices

Soul Retrieval

Have your lost soul parts returned to you and experience your entire self, undivided.


Discover how intrusive energies/entities have been influencing your behavior.

Power Animal

Discover the power animal that is courting you and can help you take your next step in life.


Override your Luminous Energy Field imprints with pure light, upgrading your body software.

Chakra Balancing

Find out how to clear all your chakras and acquire a "rainbow body."


Design ceremonies for births, deaths, gratitude, health, or any other personal request for spirit.

Ancestral Curses

Break free of generational curses and realize you are the author of your own destiny.

End of life Assist

Find our how you can make your journey beyond death peaceful and filled with light.

A little about me...

About me

My name is Carolina Marques and I have been studying Shamanism for the past 6 years.


I am a certified Shaman through the Four Winds Society, and I am passionate about helping people discover new sides of themselves and craft a path that brings them joy as they walk along it.


I firmly believe in the snowball effect that energy healing has; someone who has healed their wounds will not pass them along to others. Similarly, someone walking in bliss, will pass it along to those they meet along their day.

How being our authentic selves
changes our lives

Enhance our intuition

We become more attuned to our intuition and are able to listen to it.

Tap into sources of joy

When we find and do what brings us joy, everything else follows. We step into flow.

Connect with our desires

We are more connected to our heart desires and make decisions based on it.

Become the author of our lives

We develop discernment and no longer act from inherited culture, trauma,  or beliefs.

“[...] we’re all connected, all in this together. Recovery is reciprocal: heal yourself, heal the world; heal the world, heal yourself.”

Alberto Villoldo, One Spirit Medicine

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